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piggyback adv
1 on a railroad flatcar; "the trailer rode piggyback across the country" [syn: pickaback, pig-a-back]
2 on the back or shoulder or astraddle on the hip; "she carried her child piggyback" [syn: pickaback, pig-a-back]


1 ride on someone's shoulders or back
2 haul truck trailers loaded with commodities on railroad cars
3 haul by railroad car
4 carry on the back or shoulders; "She piggybacked a sick classmate to school"
5 support on the back and shoulders; "He piggybacked her child so she could see the show"

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  1. On somebody's back or shoulders.
    a piggyback ride


  1. On somebody's back or shoulders.
    to ride piggyback


  1. To attach or append something to another (usually larger) object or event.
    They tried to piggyback that proposal on the rivers and harbors bill.
  2. transitive internet To obtain a wireless internet connection by bringing one's own computer within the range of another's wireless connection without that subscriber's permission or knowledge.

Extensive Definition

Piggybacking may refer to:
  • Piggy-back (transportation), something that is riding on the back of something else
  • Piggybacking (security), occurs when an authorized person allows (intentionally or unintentionally) others to pass through a secure door, negating the purpose of an access control system such as keypad, pass card or biometric identification scanner
  • Splash cymbal piggybacking, mounting a cymbal on top of an already stand mounted cymbal
  • Seasoned trade line, strangers with bad credit using someone with good credit's credit card account
  • Piggyback plant, Tolmiea menziesii
  • Piggy-back (law), shareholder selling rights
  • Piggybacking (data transmission), a bi-directional data transmission technique in network layer
  • Piggybacking (internet access), obtaining wi-fi access by bringing one's own computer within the range of another subscriber's service
  • Multiplexing, multiple signals combined into one
  • Piggyback circuit breaker, a double-switch that fits in a single slot in a breaker panel. This is only if they are side-by-side in the same unit — it does not count single half-height units which share a slot. Both are used when a panel has run out of slots, but can still accept the current. The piggyback breaker has two separate outputs, one for each circuit
  • Piggybacked contact lens, using a smaller, rigid contact lens on top of a larger, soft contact lens for clinical reasons
  • Piggybacking (intravenous therapy), a second infusion set onto the same line
  • Piggyback marketing, used to reduce risk, and more established companies can leverage the brand and market reach of a partner to help them very quickly pick up the credibility and awareness needed in new market segments
  • Piggyback registration, when owners of restricted stock in a public company are allowed to participate in a public offering underwritten by another party
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